Welcome to Jared-Leto.org - a website for american actor/musician Jared Leto whom you might know from movies such as "Requiem for a Dream", "Alexander", "Lord of War", "Lonely Hearts", "Chapter 27", from the band 30 Seconds to Mars and from the upcoming "Mr. Nobody". Here we aim to bring the latest on Jared and his upcoming projects. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your stay.

Quoting Jared

"I'm pretty masochistic. I kill myself for my craft - Literally"

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Chapter 27 (2007)
As Mark Chapman
Director: Jarrett Chaeffer
Now on DVD.

Mr Nobody (2008)
As Nemo Nobody
Director: Jaco van Dormael
Status: Post-Production

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Jordan Catalano is a bit of an enigma. He doesn't talk a lot, which makes it all to easy to read into him whatever one wants to see in him. This much is known. Jordan is one of those loners who ditches every class save for PE and Shop and consequently has been held back a few years, two in Jordan's case, making him a junior at Liberty High. Jordan has trouble reading, but no one really ever notices save for Angela and Mr. Katimski. He sings, writes songs, and plays the guitar for Frozen Embryos, which changed its name to Residue after Tino left the band. He loves his car. He smokes. He knows how to get you a fake ID. His father used to beat him, until he fought back and threw a chair at his old man. He has an extremely hard time expressing himself, especially to Angela. Jordan has a thing for Angela, which she reciprocates intensely. They dated for a while, until he "ummed" Rayanne. Things looked bad for the relationship after that, until he got Brian, his English tutor, to ghost-write a letter to Angela for him.
Often doesn't know what day of the week it is.
According to Angela he leans great.
Goes underneath the bleachers to smoke.
Mr. Racine was the best teacher he ever had.
His uncle, who choked on a chicken bone, but survived.
He used to "umm" Cynthia Hardgrove, owner of one semi-precious pimple.
Once said, and I quote, "Hey! Isn't tonight, like, New Year's Eve?"
Every year, on Halloween, he and his friends go out to the school, tear up the track, throw garbage cans over it. He's sick of it, but it's something he can't get out of.